The Surreption

01. Crowning The Abomination
02. Decline
03. The Consequence
04. A Coming Unperceived
05.  This Disgusting Revelation
06. Castigation And Rebirth
07. Manifesting Obscenity
08. 22
09. Kingmaker
10. The Alpha
11. Omega

[Siege of Amida]

If you’re already a fan of Ingested then you’ve probably come across some of the promotion for The Surreption and have most likely spotted the stand out word that lies in every single piece. The Surreption is more mature and like a small child learning a new swear word, I shall attempt to get it all out of my system straight away. This is a mature brutal death metal that is more mature compared to the brutal death metal shown on the previous record Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering mostly because they’ve matured by dropping a lot of the misogynistic gore elements and instead replaced them with slightly less misogynistic gore elements. How mature. For a little more in depth analysis of the sound then, by all means, feel free to read on but for those of you who are already familiar with the sound of Ingested then your best bet is scroll straight down the score and then comment on how lazy/wrong/dashingly handsome I am.

Everything you know and love/hate about Ingested is displayed flawlessly on The Surreption. If your love for extreme music sits happily with simplistic ideas at ridiculous tempos and positively inhuman drumming for a good fourty minutes then, as before, Ingested have it covered. I say this only because apparently some people need more than that to stay interested! The cheek of it!

Although this probably sounds quite monotonous to the majority of you, Ingested have this wonderful knack of getting it quite right. “Crowning The Abomination” and “Castigation And Rebirth” are incessantly brutal in the sense that they never let up but they still both cruise effortlessly from Suffocation blasts to chugging riffs that are the cornerstone of every Whitechapel album ever. Whilst ‘deathcore’ is still a dirty word, it’s no surprise really that more brutal bands are incorporating elements of it when it so easily breaks up the blur of notes that sometimes becomes a song –– I’m looking at you Brain Drill.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the sudden emphasis on deathcore that makes this any more cohesive. It’s the feeling that they know when and how rein it in, which I assume all comes with the experience of having already made one full length. But honestly, I miss the unabashed ridiculousness of The Boundaries Of Human Suffering, it had a sort of naïve fun to it that not enough bands can grasp. There was always the feeling that Ingested set out to become the most musically over-the-top new band in the UK, to make music that is so angry and vicious that it genuinely made you grin.

Unfortunately, The Surreption is not that. It’s a collection of pretty good death metal songs that straddle the line between acceptable and unacceptable to those who want to keep the hardcore out of death metal. Far be it from me to look down upon a band for growing up and exploring but I can’t help but feel that Ingested lost a little bit of their personality with The Surreption, replacing it with something a little too safe and acceptable.


Ingested – The Surreption gets…



– DL

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