Ryan Devlin, center, confirmed as the touring vocalist for The Human Abstract

Unlike my initial reaction to the Tesseract debacle, this is something I’m not incredibly butthurt over.

Yesterday, Metal Insider lived up to their name (not for the first time, mind you) and broke the news that Travis Richter’s split with The Human Abstract was the real deal. Huge bummer, yes, but the following piece of information totally makes up for it: Ryan Devlin, vocalist for Corelia, will be handling vocal duties on the upcoming Frak The Gods Tour with Periphery, Textures, and The Contortionist.

This is GREAT news, as Ryan is an incredible singer and is certainly fit for the role. Currently, he is only expected to fill in on tour, but I’d be extremely stoked if he were to join The Human Abstract full time. That may leave Corelia, who are due to release their debut EP next month, without a vocalist though — tough call to make, for sure. Hopefully something happens that allows both bands to flourish to their potential. This wouldn’t be the first time Corelia had a vocalist move on to bands which found a great degree of success either—Spencer Sotello of Periphery was once a vocalist for Corelia. That band’s a proper vocalist factory!

Be on the look out for Corelia’s debut EP Nostalgia, out September 6th. You can stream the excellent track “Glass Faces” below!


We’ll have more info for you when it comes in!

– JR


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