Jesus, are we thinking about December already? Blimey.

I wonder; does Heavy Blog have any Chinese readers? I have no idea! Please come forward if there are any; we’d love to hear from you! Either way, you lucky sods are getting a run of ten dates from German/Swiss metal maestros The Ocean this September/October. Any of you who live in the following areas would be well advised to shift your keisters down there in an orderly but hasty fashion:

09/22 Shanghai – Yuyintang
09/23 Wuhan – Vox
09/24 Chengdu – Little Bar
09/25 Chongqing – Nuts
09/29 Guangzhou – 191 Space
09/30 Hong Kong – Hidden Agenda
10/02 Zhuhai – Zhuhai Music Festival 2011
10/04 Zhenjiang – Modern Sky Festival
10/05 Beijing – Modern Sky Festival
10/06 Beijing – Mao (tbc)

But that’s not all! For anyone who missed out on seeing them with Between the Buried and Me in the States earlier this year, the band made the following statement via Facebook:

Right after these dates, mid-October until end of November, we will be returning to the US for the 2nd time this year. We will be direct support this time, playing a 40 minutes set, for a band that we can’t name just yet. We know how much you like speculating about these kinda things, so bring on those rumors…

This was on the back of an advertisement for anyone who wanted to rent their tour van around the same period, so there’s that mystery solved.

The year will apparently end with three Swiss dates at the following locations:

12.08 – Martigny @ Sunset Bar
12.09 – Chiasso @ Murrayfield
12.10 – Oberentfelden @ Böröm Pöm Pöm

Böröm Pöm Pöm; I like the sound of that place! I figure Swiss readers are much more likely than Chinese, despite the obvious numbers. Any takers?

– CG

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