Due to the overwhelming success of Jimmy’s ‘Five Reasons Why Deathcore Isn’t Total Shit‘ series last summer, Heavy Blog Is Heavy will be backing further up the ladder of ‘core’ for the next two weeks, and counting down the five reasons why metalcore isn’t full of shit. It gets a bad rap sometimes, and being the underdog(?) champions that we are, we’re making a stand for the fat kid and suplexing the skinny elitist bully right on his stupid face.

Make sure to throw your $0.02 at me and tell me why I’m completely wrong in the comments section, if you wish. I shall use it to buy soap to wash the spittle from my forehead, safe in the knowledge that I’ll be your boss at the plant some day.

So far…

#5) The Chariot – Long Live

It’s a well known and unfortunate fact in the music industry that a lot of great bands go by unnoticed and break up with barely a breath of recognition. Crydebris were one of those bands. It’s a damn shame, because had they continued, they might have saved the metalcore genre some of the embarrassment from which it currently suffers.

Remarkably (or perhaps not), when they were active, Crydebris were pretty young; we’re talking mid to late teens here. Usually these are the formative years of a young person’s musical abilities, and are inevitably laced with suck – but it was not so; not for these four songs.

The Severing, a four-track EP, was their one and only true release, and as a snapshot statement of the band’s musicianship, it’s a fucking cracker. The opening riff to the title track is simple, catchy, and absolutely fucking furious. Breaking from metalcore tradition, the next two tracks are both over seven minutes long, but Jesus fuck, I wish they went on longer. Such mature song-writing skill from a group so young is hard to come by, and even more rarely successful.


The EP’s highlight for me is “Mononoke-Picture“, which obviously takes its inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s fantastic Princess Mononoke. Anyone citing this as an influence has got to be worth at least a cursory listen, right? Whilst a little more serene and atmospheric to begin with, it builds up to its heavy section well and still crushes with some wizardly riffery.


As metalcore goes, this is a deviation from the standard template, and it really works. This is what the genre needs to stay fresh; mix it up a little, yeah? Just don’t start using fucking synths…

– CG


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