This weekend, my heart was continually broken. Tesseract and The Human Abstract released two of the best albums of the entire year, and both of them appear to have lost vocalists. While I’m absolutely sure the Tesseract rumor is true, word on The Human Abstract’s vocalist troubles are a little harder to verify, hence being filed under “WILD SPECULATION.”

The Number Of The Blog received an anonymous email on Friday that claimed that Travis Richter has left The Human Abstract, leaving the band to scramble for a vocalist before settling on a relatively unknown dude from San Diego. Rumor also has it that ex-Periphery vocalist Chris Baretto was also considered on a short list. I tried to contact Travis on Twitter, but I was given no reply, leading me to believe it’s true. After all, Travis chats with fans from time to time, and if it was just a wild lie from out of nowhere, he would have surely denied it.

This one doesn’t hit quite as hard as the Tesseract news, but it still sucks quite a bit. Travis was a great fit for the band, and his performance on Digital Veil was superb. I’m actually kind of glad they didn’t go with Baretto, as he doesn’t really have the vocal style that would meld well with The Human Abstract, and going with him would have felt too obligatory.

We’ll follow up with more info when we get it.

– JR

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