This weekend, after an intimate show in Milton Keynes, UK, rumor spread like wildfire that Daniel Tompkins has left Tesseract — with Sky Eats Airplane, Of Man Not Of Machine vocalist Elliot Coleman as his replacement. This story is more than just rumor, it seems. It’s quite likely that it’s the real deal, with unofficial confirmations from several sources, including the following video:


What’s even more bizarre is that Dan is said to have left the band after being offered to join a pop band. I must say, as a huge fan of Tesseract, this is a huge disappointment. One has got to be one of my favorite releases this year, and Dan’s vocals just MADE that album for me, with his passionate delivery and haunting vocal melodies. His performance on the record continues to give me chills to this day, so the band’s loss is a great one.

I also can’t say I’m a fan of Elliot Coleman (I thought negatively of Sky Eats Airplane’s latest offering last year, but OMNOM has always been pretty good), so I’m curious as to if he’d be able to live up to such a high bar and fit in as well as Dan did with their sound. But then again, the dudes in Tesseract know what they’re going for better than some asshole on the internet, so obviously they think it will work out. Hopefully it does! I’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong.

An official release on the matter will be made tomorrow by Century Media. We’ll be sure to follow up.

Here’s further examples of Elliot Coleman’s vocal work in songs with Haunted Shores and OMNOM (after the jump). What do you think?


– JR


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