We absolutely love White Arms Of Athena, and if you’re a regular reader of this site, we assume you happen to be fond of them as well. Why wouldn’t you be? Their debut album Astrodrama is like the sexy lovechild of BTBAM and Cynic. Now it’s time to give back for the excellent tunes; White Arms are currently in the running for an opening spot on this year’s Thrash and Burn tour. Help an up-and-coming prog band prevail in a sea of mediocre bro-core.

I mean, just look at this bullshit:

You can help bring justice to music. Go like Winds of Plague (yeah, I know…) on Facebook and vote for White Arms of Athena. I’d better see a rise in their percentage, or I’m going to be sorely disappointed in you folks. And before you get all “but Jim, it would be a disservice to WAOA and their fans to have them on board.” That’s not the point, silly! White Arms need more exposure, and even if the odds of them winning are not likely, hopefully they’ll become more noticed if they get more votes.

So do your duty. Vote White Arms.

– JR


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