Every Time I Die, Buffalo NY’s southern metal raconteurs, have finished recording their sixth studio album with producer Joe Baressi, and in an interview with Altpress, frontman Keith Buckley had a few things to say that make this record an even more interesting prospect than I already had it down as. Peep dis:

“Everyone [in a band] is always saying the newest thing is their best work. No one is going to be like, “You know what, to be honest, [our new stuff] sounds like shit.” [But] this is the first record we’ve done with a new drummer [Ryan Leger]. You know, we’ve had our old drummer [Mike “Ratboy” Novak] from day one. When you make a new foundation for the band, it’s going to alter the way the things get built. It sounds like a different band; it sounds like it’s got a lot more energy to it, a lot more aggression. [Ryan’s] just a better drummer. You can tell there’s new vitality, which we haven’t had in a long time.”

“It was crazy, because we didn’t realize before that [Ryan] is the most technical and professional member in the band.”

I’ll rip off no more – go read the full thing here – but it seems like Keith will be coming from a different place lyrically too; I’ve always loved his stuff, so this is going to be an interesting deviation, but I have faith in the man – he’s as close to a modern-day Shakespeare as we’re likely to get from a metalcore band.

No release date yet, but I can tell you that their upcoming stint headlining the Rocksound Riot Tour in November/December will be supported by the fantastic Defeater and some dudes known as Trash Talk. I’ve heard the name, but I can tell ye nae more than that. Can’t wait.

– CG


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