I’ve spoken about Deathmole before (hell, I even interviewed their fictitious guitarist), but I’m speaking about them now too. Deathmole is an instrumental post-metal band that jumped out of the decidedly minimally metal but still awesome webcomic Questionable Content and into our ears via artist and writer Jeph Jacques. Jeph has released several albums under the Deathmole name in the past, but this new album Fear of Black Horses is the first one available for purchase on Bandcamp.

If you’re in the mood for bands like Cloudkicker and Pelican, then Deathmole is for you! Stream Fear of Black Horses below. It is most excellent:

You can purchase it (and the newly uploaded previous album Amps) at bandcamp for a measly buck each. You’ve got a buck to spare. Don’t lie.

– JR


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