While the last Textures song released from Dualism was pretty good, I wasn’t exactly completely sold on it. This NEW new song “Reaching Home,” however, certainly gets me all kinds of excited. I think I’m just a sucker for catchy and passionate ballads, so the song sticks out to me in that manner. Here’s what drummer Stef Brooks says about the track:

The song is about finding a way back to innocence. The person speaking in the lyrics is struggling his way through life, passing by melancholic moments of looking back, clear moments of present time, and hopeful moments of looking forward. Home is where this person’s longing for; but does home lie in living, in only his thoughts, or in surrendering to passing away?

You can listen to “Reaching Home” over at Revolver right now! Dualism is out September 23rd on Nuclear Blast.

– JR

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