This is some news that Grover over at The Number of the Blog will no doubt be bursting with excitement over. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got new Primus. Hold your applause until the bass solo like everyone else.

Oh how I missed you, Primus. You scared me in my childhood, but in my newfound adulthood (which I’m still coming to terms with), I’m nostalgic of those offbeat claymation videos. Finally though, we’ve got the first taste of a new Primus album in, like, a decade. Count me as excited.

“Tragedy’s A’Comin'” is a funky psychedellic song that is probably the tastiest Primus song in my recollection. This comeback is a STRONG one. Are you unfamiliar with Primus but somehow familiar with late-night British comedy? This sounds like some ridiculous song from The Mighty Boosh. This is a good thing.

Get your funk on over at Spin. Primus’ highly anticipated return Green Naugahyde will be out September 13th.


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