…and as a zombie, of course!

The Walking Dead is a show you’ve just got to see. At first, once I heard about it, I thought “oh boy, another zombie thing.” Then I noticed that it was based off of a popular graphic novel series and WASN’T going to be airing on SyFy (or whatever they call themselves now), I decided to look into it and it turns out it’s pretty badass. It’s hard for me to tune into a show weekly as I’m forgetful and apathetic, but I was on the edge of my seat all season. I suggest you look into it for sure.

At the moment, they’re filming for season two, which simply can’t get here fast enough. This season, we’ll be catching Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian hobbling along as a zombie in a cameo role that he was pretty excited for. Can’t say I blame him, as to be forever immortalized on screen as a zombie would be pretty damn awesome. His blog details the experience, with Ian terrorizing some children.

Basically, the lead is coming out of the house with two kids running into the street and they pass right by me. I turn and track them and then shamble off after them. We got to do the take about six times and after each one I was cheering out loud. I wish we could’ve done it 100 times. I was so focused on one of the little kid actors, staring at him and thinking “I am going to eat your fucking head off you little fucker.” I think the kid could feel my malevolence towards him because he kept looking at me nervously and hiding behind his “mom.” Sorry kid, I was into my role!

See if you can spot him this fall—starting October 13th—on AMC.

[via ThePRP]

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