I’m pretty much stoked for The HAARP Machine‘s debut album, which comes out later this year on Sumerian.  So much so, I try to look for any new things that come from these English tech-metallers.  In doing this, I have found a recent update on the bands studio endeavors.  And it gets me so pumped.


I’m a percussionist myself, so when I see this, it’s basically the equivalent of porn.  These drums are incredibly nuanced and tech.  I’m very curious to hear these drumbeats in context on what should inevitably be an astounding debut.  Also, do you notice how epic this is in its filming.  It’s shot beautifully.

As mentioned before, their debut album comes out very soon on Sumerian.  GIMME. GIMME. GIMME. MORE.

After the jump, the official mastered version of their track, “The Escapist Notion“.

– GR


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