Back, for one night only; it’s Best of British! To be quite frank, searching for two awesome new British bands every week got tiring, and results were hard to come by. You’d think, with a population of almost 62 million people that you’d have at least 12 million bands (based on 5 per band) but noooo, apparently everyone would rather stay in and watch Eastenders than form a kick-ass metal band, so I kinda…stopped.

That being said, I’ve had these guys on my radar for a while, and it’s only been the lack of online media to show you that has stayed my hand.

Birmingham-based three piece Shapes seem like a truly lovely bunch of lads. They recently recorded their first full-length at Tonteknik Studios in Umea, Sweden with Eskil Lovstrom, who was responsible for producing Refused‘s seminal The Shape of Punk to Come, as well as working with Poison the Well and Hell Is For Heroes to boot.

I had to bring this particular song – an older one called  “You Butcher” – to your attention, because it’s a sublime piece of post-hardcore, but you can listen to that entire record The Pasture, The Oil here.

The aforementioned piece of Swedish-produced awesome is already out, entitled Monotony Chic (get it here). Git sum.

– CG


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