I do two things at the very start of my day, and those are:

  1. Check out the latest Questionable Content comic.
  2. Check out Metalsucks’ leading post of the day.

So if you’re anything like me, you enjoy waking up to quirky webcomic antics and kickass tunes. This morning in particular was a good one, as Mastodon‘s new song “Curl of the Burl” is now available for streaming. I was always super stoked about The Hunter, but they’re batting two-for-two right now in terms of song quality and kickassness. The day can only go downhill from here, as this song is—and excuse my archaic colloquialisms here—one rockin’ jam! We can now see what they were getting at with that whole fun classic rock vibe. This song is seriously catchy and will infect you with carnivorous earworms, and you’d better fucking like it.

The Hunter is due out September 27th on Reprise. Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimme.

– JR

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