Friend For A Foe have sort of always been in the background, rustling about with hints of music and news for the last couple of years, making waves when they landed ex-Periphery vocalist Chris Barretto as their frontman. At long last, a much anticipated release is on the horizon that is sure to bring them into the spotlight, as they’ve signed with Myriad Records for their debut EP, Source of Isolation. Myriad, current home of Australian experimental and technical death metal band The Schoenberg Automaton, will be offering a free/pay what you want download of Source of Isolation on their Bandcamp page Saturday, October 1st.

Founding member and guitarist/producer Chris Purvis had this to say:

After over a year of recording and rerecording the same songs, dealing with equipment issues, managing the day to day trials and tribulations, and juggling my military service, we’re pleased to finally release our EP to the masses in partnership with Myriad Records! We’re very excited to release this EP through them as they’re the offspring of our management company Demise Management (so it keeps everything “in the family”). They have a solid business structure and are ethically sound in that they don’t suppress creativity for the sake of scene or encourage “cookie-cutter” writing just because “it works”. These guys really do work for the band vice the band working for them so it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and work with the guys and I personally recommend other bands check them out. They’re an up-and-coming label that is sure to be a force to be reckoned with down the line so stay tuned for what the future holds for them!

Despite this only being an EP, we’ve had more issues finalizing our first release than most band’s have releasing a full-length album, but it just goes to show that persistence and patience pays off. We sincerely hope everyone enjoys our first release and we can only recommend you keep listening as new material we’re already working on is even better!

The track-listing for the Source of Isolation EP is as follows;
01. Intro
02. The Sky & The Fall
03. Idle Hands
04. For Less
05. Vultaggio
06. Niacin
07. Fallout

It won’t be too long before you can hear this thing in its entirety, but we’ve been kindly hooked up with a pre-production version of their track “For Less” for streaming/sexing below:


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited. Be on the lookout for Source of Isolation when it drops October 1st on Myriad Records!

– JR


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