Cyclamen, the currently solo project of Japanese mastermind Hayato Imanishi, have today announced a number of details regarding their next release. A statement posted on their Facebook read:

“We will be releasing new 5 (maybe 6) track EP ‘Memories, Voices’ on 15/10/11.

Current track list is:

Never Regret

There may be minor changes in coming weeks. Test production version of “Memories” is now up on Bandcamp and Bandpage tab on Facebook so you can check it out!”

Alternatively, hit day play button below!

He added: 

“Today also marks 66 years since the end of the World War II. We have lost so much and we need to keep reminding ourselves never to repeat the war again. In coming decades there will be fewer and fewer people who have experienced the war and have memories of how tragic it was, and I feel it’s important that we keep remembering – Even if it may be very little that we know of it for those who were born after the war.

We hope you enjoy the track!”

Awesomesauce. You can bet we’ll have more details as they are announced.

– CG


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