If there’s one thing I’ll miss about this whole blogging thing when it inevitably ends in the future when I need to start considering something called a “real career” (and if I’m lucky, a family), it’s the perk of getting promotional copies of albums before release date. It’s undoubtedly pretty damn sweet, especially when a highly anticipated album comes across my inbox — in the weeks leading up to the release of Between the Buried and Me‘s EP, I was in a constant state of refreshing my gmail inbox every few minutes.

Sometimes I get albums from bands that I’m not a particularly big fan of, but I give them a listen because I need to know what I’m talking about. One of those albums is Vader‘s newest offering, Welcome to the Morbid Reich. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that my tastes in death metal lean towards the more proggy and non-traditional side—my favorite death metal albums this year so far have been Beyond Creation‘s Aura and Ulcerate‘s The Destroyers Of All—so it’s not hard to imagine that straightforward death metal doesn’t quite capture my attention as much as it should.

Back on point, newfound pal Israel Flanders of No Clean Singing (who you folks may be seeing more of in the future) has been singing the praises of the new Vader, which caused me to give the ol’ double take when I saw the throwback style cover when the album’s promo came through HeavyMail. I must say, Vader’s Welcome to the Morbid Reich is pretty sweet. Coming from me, I guess that’s saying something about the quality of the record as it appeals to more modern tastes. A review of it may or may not be coming in the future, as I’m not particularly comfortable enough with the album yet to provide any useful assessment, but I figured I’d give you folks a heads up anyway that the new Vader is certainly worth your time. You can spin a couple of new tracks, “Decapitated Saints” and “Come and See My Sacrifice,” over at their Facebook page.

Welcome to the Morbid Reich is due out September 13th on Nuclear Blast. Apparently it’s out now in Europe? Weird.

– JR



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