The Bled (current line-up?)

Despite releasing a pretty damn good metalcore album last year, it appears Tuscon five-piece The Bled have decided to call it a day. A statement from the band reads:

“After 10 years of making music together we have decided its time to move on to new things. We are in the process of booking our final tour and will post dates for that as soon it’s confirmed. We want to thank Rise Records, Paradigm Talent Agency, the companies who endorsed us, tour mates, promoters, anyone who worked for us, and most of all, those of you who supported us.

Whether you were a fan or just sat through one of our sets to see the next band, we can’t thank you guys enough. We have met some amazing people all over the world and that has been the best part of being in this band. That being said, we hope to see you in all November for one last run. Much love.”

Huge bummer. Pass The Flask is considered a metalcore classic, but I guess the fact that they had to replace a bunch of members due to financial woes was probably a pretty strong precursor. If the band’s not making enough money for a bunch of the dudes, chances are things are going to break down eventually. So, November is your last chance to see then; my guess is it will be U.S. only.

Here’s the video for “Smoke Breaks” from Heat Fetish, which is pretty tasty in my opinion:


– CG

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