There’s not a lot to be said on this subject that hasn’t already been done to death, but nevertheless I’d like to mark today, August 11th, in memory of the murder of a British girl called Sophie Lancaster back in 2007.

Sophie actually died on August 24th, but the attack to her and her boyfriend Robert Maltby occured on August 11th in Bacup, Lancashire.

The couple were walking through a park one evening and were set upon by a group of youths who attacked them for the way they were dressed. Robert was knocked unconscious and has no memory of the attack. Sophie was kicked and punched to death as she protected his body, dying of head injuries.

Both were goths. I’m not particularly into goth culture, but I think we can agree we metalheads share more attributes in common with them than we’d initially think; a propensity for quietness and an unusual dress sense among them.

Those responsible were caught and are now in prison, but it doesn’t bring Sophie back. A tragic and senseless waste, I hope today at least you remember to be a bit more accepting of the way others look. If you’re heading to Bloodstock Festival this weekend, you’ll see her name attributed to one of the stages; I believe Achren are opening the stage tonight.

– CG


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