Aside from my usual partaking in all that is heavy and chaotic when it comes to music, I do find myself taking time to dwell in music that is on the polar opposite. Due to recent postings from our commander and chief, Jimmy (Alkahest), where he’s been sharing bands that are more on the mellower side of things, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and share with you a band that I’ve recently become fond of, who also happen to be pretty close to my neck of the woods.


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Spaces is an instrumental, post/progressive-rock and experimental band that is fronted by two members, Duke Ahrens and Franco Colón. Florida natives and longtime friends, Duke (guitarist) and Franco (drummer) began writing and recording together back in 2008. Their debut album, Voyage, was comprised of 10 songs which were written over an 8 month period, with a new track being released each month. Two years since the release of Voyage, Spaces has returned with their sophomore album, Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void, which was recorded in a decommissioned ferryboat from which Ahrens and Colon built into a recording studio, and with the help of local musicians to perform additional instrumentation, their latest album was finished and ready to greet peoples ears.

Taken from their Facebook Bio:

“The pair drew inspiration from their surroundings to create music that reflects the beauty and wonders of the Universe. This ambitious album encompasses a sonic landscape from intense rhythmic movements to introspective orchestral pieces, making Spaces voyagers of the over-saturated post-rock galaxy.”

And let me tell you that this album is one of the best I’ve heard in some time, especially in terms of instrumental music. They take all the highs of bands like Russian Circles and If Theses Trees Could Talk and combine it with their celestial touch to produce an album that is both beautiful and moving. I’ve yet to take this album out of my rotation, it always hits the spot and provides me with some great background music when I’m either doing work or just needing a break from the outside world. It’s flows smoothly from track to track so much, you’ll find yourself getting lost in its intricate tranquility. Don’t believe me? Well sit yourself down, or stand, whatever you prefer, and feast your ears on these tunes…




– DA

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