Despite the mental situation (I’ll stop banging on about it soon, promise), some people are fighting against the tide of insanity. People are out on the street with bin bags and gardening gloves, cleaning up the affected areas. Not everyone can do this, obviously, but people are finding their own ways. Jak Noble, A.K.A. Returning We Hear The Larks, has today announced this little gem; bless his heart.

“If you purchase PE or Ypres now, you’ll be helping right a terrible wrong. In response to the horrific rioting taking place in the UK at the moment, any money made from the Proud England E.P. will be put towards helping restore the cities and the lives of the those most grievously affected. All proceeds from both albums will be donated. Anything you can give would be hugely appreciated! ♥”

Awesome man. Head over to get Proud England here (we loved it) and Ypres here, and hell, just his bandcamp in general here.

– CG

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