Alcest are absolutely amazing. No one else does the whole blackgaze/post-black genre so beautifully, and the only ones that manage to come close enough are projects that happen to feature Alcest mastermind Neige anyway. The 2010 album Écailles de Lune is simply amazing, making my year-end-list of favorites. I still hold the opinion that the album’s closing track “Sur L’océan Couleur De Fer” is one of the best songs I’ve heard that whole year, and legend has it that playing that song for ladies makes them weak in the knees and moist in the loins.


Alright, so my silly exaggerations aside (but seriously, it works), Alcest are fucking good. It’s been known for a little while that a new album is in the works, which is certainly exciting. Romanian website recently conducted an interview with main man Neige himself, which touched a little bit on the next album:

Let’s move on to more concrete things. As far as you’ve mentioned in other interviews you are already working on you next album. Can you tell us something about it?

“The next album is already recorded and will contain 8 songs. It’s a longer album than the previous ones, very rich and having a lot of different atmospheres. It will contain harsh vocals but will surely be the last one having these kind of vocals parallel to the clean ones. It is called Les voyages de l’âme, which could be translated to The Soul’s Journeys and concerning concept of this album its title is saying a lot about it…”

Excellent! A lot of people are probably going to be upset about the prospects of future Alcest having no harsh vocals, but I think they’ve always excelled at the lighter, more melodic and atmospheric parts anyway. Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked. I don’t know when it’ll be out, but I can only imagine that it’ll be out in the next year or so—hopefully sooner than later.

You can catch Alcest supporting Enslaved and Ghost later this year, which should no doubt be awesome. We’ll have more info for you when we get it!

– JR


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