It’s true! To build anticipation for their new album Dwellings, Cormorant are offering their 2009 album Metazoa for free or a limited time via Bandcamp. If you haven’t listened to them before, here’s your chance! Cormorant are easily one of the best DIY independent/unsigned bands going strong today, and this album is certainly one to be heard by fans of progressive, folk, and black metal.

Cormorant have also recently unveiled the tracklisting for Dwellings:

The First Man
Confusion Of Tongues
The Purest Land
A Howling Dust
Unearthly Dreamings

Dwellings promises to be a darker follow-up, with a larger emphasis on doom and black metal. It will no doubt be a beast of an album. Dwellings is due out this November.

– JR

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