I’ve been a little lazy the last couple of days, as I’ve been recording a Let’s Play series for YouTube viewing. In that time, there’s apparently been a handful of music videos to hit the net. Here’s a rapid-fire breakdown of these new sexy videos. LETS HIT IT.

After The Burial – Pendulum


You know, “Pendulum” is probably one of my favorite tracks from After The Burial’s latest album In Dreams, if not only for it’s super catchiness. The video was delayed for quite a while due to some legal issues with the Catholic school the video was filmed at due to its perceived raunchiness. It’s not all that out there (there’s a split second of girl-on-girl tongue), but it’s not all that crazy. I see more raunchy action on Comedy Central, but whatever.

After The Burial – Your Troubles Will Cease And Fortune Will Smile Upon You


Oh hey, another After The Burial video. I was always a fan of fretboard closeup shots for some reason, so there’s plenty of that. The performance shots are similar in vein to Animals as Leaders‘ video for “CAFO,” but there’s a story interspersed throughout. Video’s certainly easy to watch, and the music’s not that bad at all. After The Burial’s In Dreams is out now on Sumerian Records. It’s pretty spiffy.

August Burns Red – Internal Cannon


Internal Cannon” is definitely my favorite track from the new August Burns Red album. That progressive salsa section gets me going every time, as it’s pretty sweet. The video has a very Oliver Twist/Dickinson vibe to it, and I dig it. Their latest album Leveler is actually quite solid, and worth looking into, out now Solid State.

Mayan – War On Terror


Holy socio-political commentary. This Dutch symphonic death metal band Mayan (featuring members of After Forever and God Dethroned) put out their music video this week for their song “War on Terror” to some controversy. It includes a rape scene, of all things. There’s not much else important about it, but people were apparently offended, so there. Mayan’s debut album Quarterpast is out now on Nuclear Blast.

– JR

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