Internal Monologues

01. Seldom Thought
02. Opposition
03. Repress
04. Desensitizing Process
05. V
06. Internal Monologues
07. How the Biased Live
08. Singular Perspective
09. Struggling With the Inevitable
10. Circular Logic
11. This Theory; Repeating


In a way, I knew about Ordinance‘s existence close to a year before this release.  Being an avid drummer, I constantly watched drummer Alex Rudinger when he posted videos on his youtube account. As he constantly posted stuff from his band Ordinance, I noticed that, besides they all were awesome, they all lacked vocals. I was wondering when a full length was going to be released, and whether it was to be with or without vocals.  Then one day, Alex posted a video of him playing along to the song “Repress” with new vocalist Mike Semesky, who many of us know as the vocalist of prog-rock group Vestascension. A full-length date was disclosed shortly after, and now here we are. So was Ordinance’s debut worth the wait?

After an ominous intro track, the album storms full straight ahead into a blistering riff, precise drumming by Alex, and Mike’s brutally awesome harsh vocals. All of the tracks prove to be very well balanced in terms of song-structure, deftly moving between sections with a deft touch. Some of the album’s choruses are insanely catchy (see “Struggling With the Inevitable“). Also, all of the tracks are top-shelf in terms of quality, with absolutely no filler, including the short mostly instrumental track “V“, which is a great study in manipulating time. It’s a fun record to listen to.

One thing you will notice right away is that this is very different sounding record from a sonic perspective. It’s very, very clean. The guitars aren’t drenched in gain, which is a very welcome change of pace sonically. The drums are mixed very well, Mike’s vocals are clear and crisp, and bass is very audible. The only problem is that occasionally the cymbals sound very low, but this is merely nit-picking.

From a technical aspect, the record shines.  The guitar and bass playing is top-notch, featuring some absolutely killer leads and solos.  One notable part is the 7/4 part in title track “Internal Monologues“, which is one of the catchiest parts I’ve ever heard on any piece, and the guitar makes that part.  Drumming is precise as always. If you have kept track with Alex for some time, you will have come to expect nothing less. Finally, Mike’s vocals are awesome, for the most part.  His harsh vocals are absolutely brutal, able to utilize highs, mids, and lows with ease.  His cleans are fine, however, I do wish he would put a little bit more power into his cleans.  It’s perfectly on pitch, and he has great tonal quality, it’s just that sometimes, it just feels like little more than a whisper.

Overall, this is a very, very good debut album. Everything is technically, compositionally, and sonically sound. It’s clear we have one of the best up-and-comers in progressive metal. If they can add a couple of elements into their already stunning formula, they’d be catapulted onto the upper echelon of metal bands. So was this album worth the wait?  You bet.

Ordinance – Internal Monologues Gets:


– GR

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