As you may have caught on Metalsucks yesterday afternoon (damn you Vince and your industry connections!), Heavy Blog wank-bank material Last Chance To Reason have recently been playing minus guitarist Thomas Waterhouse and keyboard player Brian Palmer on their current tour supporting Animals as Leaders, Intronaut, Dead Letter Circus and The Faceless‘s Evan Brewer.

A bit of digging on their part revealed that that’s because both dudes have left the band, eliciting the following response:

Hello Everyone,

First off we want to thank everyone who has come out to the shows this summer and making this the best year worth of touring we have ever done. The Animals as Leaders tour has been a truly surreal experience, so again thank you to all who came out to share that with us, we are all beyond stoked to be a part of it. We love all of the bands and all of you.

Unfortunately,we have some sad news. During the course of our summer touring circuit, Brian Palmer and Thomas Waterhouse decided to part ways from Last Chance to Reason. This is obviously not an ideal situation, but we will be performing live regardless of being a little lighter on guys. We will keep rolling with our plans for the rest of the year ,move forward and continue our tour with Animals as Leaders, and actively look to replace these roles as quickly as possible before the fall touring season.

Thank you again for your support and understanding through these difficult times, watch for us in the fall!


Wikipedia tells me that Waterhouse, previously a friend of the band before joining, only became part of it last summer, and so perhaps the reception hasn’t been beyond what he had expected, and couldn’t commit himself to the touring schedule? That’s mere speculation of course, but disappointing as it is for one member to leave mid-tour, let alone two, I’m sure there must have been good reasons.

Props to LCTR for carrying on with the tour though. By all accounts, they’re still killing it, so on top of releasing a brilliant record earlier this year, it’s not all doom and gloom.

– CG

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