I don’t do enough “Hits From The Inbox” columns anymore, unfortunately. The volume of stuff we get sent can—surprisingly enough—get pretty high, so we unfortunately never even get around to listening to a lot of it. Please know that if you’ve emailed us and we’ve never mentioned you or replied, it doesn’t necessarily mean your band sucks. Really! We’re just busy dudes! I’ll certainly make an effort to keep up in the next few weeks!

This iteration’s band was lucky enough to catch me while I was a little bored and not busy at all, and their approach at grooveworthy grindcore really spoke to me at the moment, and hopefully it’ll speak to you as well. Rochester, NY based Burn Everything‘s new EP Last Run Through The Ruin is one hell of a steamroller filled with tempo and rhythm changes, mighty riffs, and some overall seriously confrontational and pissed off tunes. This 6-track EP was just released this July, following a slightly more chaotic self-titled EP released back in 2008. There has been a bit of refinement in the three years between releases, but the band’s entire body of work is pretty consistent in the quality of the ass-kickings they apparently just hand out for free.

For free? No foolin’? You can stream Last Run Through The Ruin below. If you dig it, be sure to click through to download it for free at bandcamp.

– JR


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