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Hot on the heels of that bit of pre-Puciato era Dillinger news, I’m throwing caution to the winds and gazing into my crystal ball to provide you with a bit of 100% unfounded, purely speculatory discourse for your Monday lunchtime.

Browsing over what I’d missed over the past few days (I moved flats on Saturday – there’s no hot water or curtains yet, but at least we have internet…all about the important things), I noticed The PRP’s throwaway post about a tweet Greg Puciato ripped off over the weekend:

Being a DEP fan, this obviously caught my interest. New record soon? Well shit, that’d be a peach. But no, that’s not what I was thinking.

He mentions Steve Evetts. Now, Steve Evetts is a monster in the business, having handled the desk duties for most of Dillinger’s records, as well as for other awesome bands like Poison the Well, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, and Every Time I Die‘s last two albums.

Oh wait, what’s this?

This tweet popped up approximately 22 hours after Greg’s. There was also some back and forth between Greg’s and ETID frontman Keith Buckley‘s accounts about some still-pissed 30 Seconds To Mars fan. Now, the two bands obviously know each other; they’ve been on Warped Tour a few times together, and Puciato had a cameo on “The Marvellous Slut” from 2009’s New Junk Aesthetic, so are we in for a repeat?

Call this fanboyish optimism, but it’s more than likely that it could happen again. It’s the closeness of the updates that seals it for me, but we’ll have to wait and see; I’m just laying it on record that I called it, if it does happen. If not, well, none of you will fucking remember will you?! Either way, I’m pretty sure Jared Leto will NOT be featuring…

Either way, the ETID album is finished! Fuckin’ A. Due out some time in 2012.

– CG


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