Michael, of the totally bitchin’ Scottish rag Epsy Rock, was at this year’s UK iteration of Sonisphere at Knebworth, and managed to catch a few words with Periphery‘s Jake Bowen, regarding the recent departure of guitarist Alex Bois and the possibility of TWO albums from the band in 2012.

First up, the juice regarding Bois:

“It was just more of a personality thing than anything music related. We run a really tight business and all of the personalities have to work together so if there is anything that will make that complicated then we have to make changes. We’re still great friends with him and we love him and we wish him the best. It’s a good split and we still love each other.”

Fair enough. Nothing untoward it seems, but still a shame. Nevertheless, here’s what we really want to know about: THE ALBUMS. First up; Juggernaut, which will be a concept album:

“We have so much material we seriously don’t know what to do with it all. Right now we’re organising some of the best stuff so we know what will be taken forward and what will actually be left behind.

It’s a cool story and the way he has it all mapped out and the way he is working with Spencer [Sotelo] is just going to be really cool. It covers a lot of interesting topics and if anyone knows about the lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!,’ which was a song off our first album, then it has to do with that.

You are going to know it is Periphery when you hear it but we are working on a wider range of sounds for this record. We’re starting to get more proficient at our recording techniques and we’re better musicians than we were last year so it will showcase more of a mature sound for sure.”

Righty then! I’m sure we can expect that in the first couple of months of 2012, because the second will most likely be out the same year!

I’m gonna urge you to go and read the rest of the interview to get the skinny on album two, so as not to rip off Michael’s hard work.

– CG


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