Last year, our super-bros over at The Number of the Blog ran an American Fantasy Football ladder – the aptly named Pigskin Destroyer 666 – with several other metal blogs. Not being a sportsfan, this didn’t interest me so much, but since my rebirth as a football fan, and combined with my penchant for nerding out over stuff, we’ve decided that this year we’re giving it a go!


So as not to cramp their style though, and because I haven’t the foggiest about the NFL, our own version will follow the Barclays Premier League, which is our top flight for what you Americans call ‘soccer’.

Signing up is very simple. We’re using the Premier League’s official template, and we’re running both types of ladder for Heavy Blog readers – classic and head-to-head.

The classic league will is open and will run all season, and spoils will go to the person who wins on overall points. If I win, I’ll pick the runner-up, and throw you something from the swag-bag. You’re best off getting in now to ensure maximum points are gathered!

Bladder Basher Classic league entry code: 425145-118189

The head-to-head league is open for entry until 11:30am GMT on Saturday August 13th, and will pit participants against each other each week. Not sure how winners will be decided, but I’ll probably sort out a prize pack for this too. More than that, though, you get bragging rights!

Bladder Basher H2H league entry code: 425145-118296

Should be a laugh. If you don’t follow the EPL, why not join up anyway for the shits? How hard can it be!

Famous last words…

– CG

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