Alternatively; Design The Skyline change their sound, and it still fucking sucks.

In case you didn’t catch it, my enthusiasm was sarcastic. We all know Victory Records’s ‘are you fucking kidding me’ signing, Design The Skyline (unfortunately), but in case you don’t, here’s the link back from when I “broke the news”. You’re welcome.


Anyway, the song that they debuted with was utterly terrible, and now they’ve come up with another song:


Well, in the name of trying to be positive, it’s not as horrible as their previous song. The production is awful, the vocals are barely audible (thank god), and the song is just bland – but it’s better than their previous song. Still, I don’t get what Victory Records are trying to do here. Who listens to this stuff?

As my compatriot Gunnar said, “they’ve just sold out faster than anyone I’ve ever known.  This is one of the biggest A Skylit Drive imitations I’ve ever heard.” Hmm. Indeed.

Whatever the fuck it’s called will be out far sooner than any court order should allow; dogs will howl; mothers will miscarry. God might even bring about judgement day early. Who knows?

– NT

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