Ah, Wolves in the Throne Room. How I love thee, despite your air of hipsterdom and pretentiousness. The band recently sent out details about their upcoming album Celestial Lineage, for those that care. The album art (above) looks pretty neat, and I’m eternally grateful that it isn’t entirely washed out like their other covers. It looks as if they took the picture with Instagram instead of their usual disposable camera from the 80s. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Snarkiness aside, I really am looking forward to hearing this record. It’s a whopping seven songs, leading me to believe they’ve opted for shorter tracks or the album runs on for well over an hour. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Thuja Magus Imperium
2. Permanent Changes in Consciousness
3. Subterranean Initiation
4. Rainbow Illness
5. Woodland Cathedral
6. Astral Blood
7. Prayer of Transformation

Sounds good! The band are also going on a headlining tour, starting at the end of August and going through September. You can see the dates after the jump. Celestial Lineage is due out September 13th on Southern Lord records.

– JR

WIITR Tour Dates:

08/28 Olympia, WA – Venue TBA Via Wittr.com
08/31 Minneapolis, MN – The Medusa
09/01 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
09/02 Louisville, KY – Rudyard Kippling
09/03 Cincinnati, OH – The Mockbee
09/05 Saginaw, MI – Jamestowne Hall
09/06 Toronto, ON – Soybomb HQ
09/08 Montreal, QC – Death Church
09/10 Bucksport, ME – The kave
09/11 Providence, RI – Venue TBA Via Wittr.com
09/12 Brooklyn, NY – The Bell House
09/14 Washington, DC – Venue TBA Via Wittr.com
09/15 Philadelphia, PA – Broad Street Ministries
09/16 Bethlehem, PA – TBA
09/17 Richmond, VA – Stranger Matter
09/18 Greensboro, NC – Legitimate Business
09/20 Sheffield, AL – JD’s
09/21 Nashville, TN – The Little Hamilton
09/22 Atlanta, GA – Magnetic Theater
09/23 St. Peterburg, FL – The Chop Shop
09/24 Tallahassee, FL – The Farside Coollective
09/25 New Orleans, LA – Venue TBA Via Wittr.com
09/27 Austin, TX – Venue TBA Via Wittr.com

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