Seems like this is the trend at the moment; talented musicians from fairly acclaimed bands writing solos albums in their down time, and this case, I can certainly say I’m all for it!

Recently we’ve seen Evan Brewer of The Faceless (thumbs up) and Francesco Artusato of All Shall Perish (thumbs down), but now it’s the turn of Scale The Summit‘s Chris Letchford, who was recently voted #24 on Metalsucks’ recent countdown of the top modern metal guitarists. I was giving The Collective a cursory re-listen last night, and it still fills me with the same warm fuzzy feeling as when it was first released; the lush compositions and sweeping solos as awesome as I remember them.

Revealed in an interview with Ryan’s Rock Show, and departing from the STS sound, however, this effort will be a jazz-inspired number, meaning we can probably expect some more off-kilter time signatures, and perhaps a woodwind instrument or two? Either way, I’ve enjoyed much of the dude’s work before, so colour me excited for this.

That being said, the band are currently on the road with the Slaughter Survivor’s Tour, and Letchford revealed in the same interview that this nugget came from after that they’ll also be on a headline touring run with Elitist right after, so this won’t even be laid down until the end of the year most likely. Still, something to look forward to, no?

Cheers to Vince at Metalsucks for cherry-picking this out. In the meantime, here’s Chris playing “Glacial Planet” from Scale the Summit’s old record, Carving Desert Canyons:


– CG


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