Well, this one kind of just slapped me around the balls. No Made Sense, Basick Records’ experimental metal assholes (in the most loving way, obviously), released their new album New Season/New Blues this Saturday past because, well…they were drunk. So there you go.

Their last album, The Epillanic Choragi (no, me neither) was a work of either frightening delusion or evil genius, and so although I haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet, I’m sure it’s going to sound like the witch’s tits. Here ’tis:

The best news is that you can pay whatever the motherfuck you want for it. The bad news is that, in their own words, “you might not hear from us again for a while. Or maybe ever. So, thanks and stuff.”

Bummer. Frontman Leo Dennet has provided me a good amount of LOLs over the past few months, courtesy of the band’s blog, but I’m sure he’ll still be lurking around the internet in the months and years to come, like your rapey neighbour who watches your mom getting changed, calling everybody and anybody a cunt.

Satan bless you No Made Sense.

– CG


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