So you can now add Awaken To The Suffering to the ever growing list of great artwork produced by Par Olofsson, a list which now includes work for The Faceless, Revocation, Brain Drill, Abysmal Dawn and other upcoming monolithic projects (*cough*).

Best of all, I think this proves that the ever-unpredictable Victory Records’ signing of Pathology wasn’t just a one-off occurrence and instead was a real foray into the world of slamming death metal, which is hardly a cashcow in any sense of the word. In fact, I would be very interested in seeing the overall sales figures for Legacy Of The Ancients just so I can complain when Design The Shiteline outsell it.

Either way, the business talk means nothing when you can slam like this and we can all look forward to some more mid-tempo madness on 13th September.


– DL


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