He must be, because as shown in this recent studio walkthrough video, the guy has a SHIT ton of awesome equipment over which I am super jelly. You are too; don’t deny it. Czech:


Keith Merrow is one of those multi-instrumentalist dudes, in the same vein (and if you ask me, league) as Ben Sharpe (Cloudkicker) and Paul ortiz (Chimp Spanner), and is the creator of such fine works as Awaken the Stone King and The Arrival (available from his website) – the title track of the former containing a cameo from none other thanMr. Jeff ‘no-more in Nevermore‘ Loomis. Figures that he’d have all that gear, but as user ozzma9898 over at Got-Djent pointed said, “as I was watching, dollar signs kept popping up in my head. BIG money for all that gear and tech. Are you are secretly a contract hitman?”. WELL THERE’S CERTAINLY SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON – nobody in this day and age has that much money except Roman Abramaovich and the Qatari royal family. Next he’ll be rocking up in that £3billion boat everybody’s been talking about…

Seriously. £3billion. That's about $4.8billion. Yes, that IS real gold plating...

Anyway, here’s a recent spiffy video of Keith playing “The Piscator” from Awaken the Stone King. Enjoy!


– CG

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