American readers may neither remember nor care about this, but it’s pretty much the biggest event in the European metal calendar between Sonisphere and Damnation Festival, and Got-Djent’s poll to find out who should get the final slot on the bill has now closed, the votes have been counted, and the winner announced as…

Shattered Skies!

Five nominations were allowed per voter, and points weighted by the pecking order in said choice. Outstripping the nearest competition by 152 points, the Irish four-piece of groove metallers will be supporting the likes of Textures, Vildjharta, Visions and Chimp Spanner for two days of sheer fucking awesomeness (full lineup here).

Over 1400 votes were cast, and for posterity, here’s the top ten and the points the accumulated:

  • Shattered Skies – 1064 points
  • Nexus – 912 points
  • Tardive Dyskinesia – 543 points
  • The Helix Nebula – 539 points
  • No Consequence – 491 points
  • Custom Made Noise – 430 points
  • The Interbeing – 420 points
  • Rxyzyxr – 403 points
  • Machinist – 353 points
  • Modern Day Babylon – 338 points

There were a few of our own choices in there, but congratulations to the winners – very deserving. Want to know what they sound like? WELL YOU CAN’T.

Joking, of course.


– CG

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