The thing about going on holiday is that it makes you complacent and you give about 0.0001 fucks about anything else but soaking up that delicious skin cancer and getting covered in corn flies.

As such, I neglected to announce the winners for the “No Place Like Home” competition with Visions from a couple of weeks ago. My bad…

So anyway, the  premise was that you’d say what kind of super vision you’d like to have and what you’d do with it. I made a witty joke about finally being able to actually see your own penis, and everyone laughed heartily. They were some good times.

The first winner was Nathan Marshall, who said: “If I had super-vision, I’d have adult super-vision so I could play on the big slides..” – which was my favourite answer too!

The second winner was Marshall Snedeker, whose answer mysteriously disappeared from Visions’ Facebook wall, but was something to do with using his third eye to astral project, and there was a spiffy .jpeg included.

The Marshalls have been notified, and the competition is of course closed, but you can still pick up the awesome new album Home from Basick Records now!

– CG

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