So, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a massive Psycroptic fan. I went to see them live when they came down to Baltimore last year, and it was absolutely awesome, even though their vocalist Jason Peppiatt couldn’t make it to the concert and was replaced by some Polish guy from some Polish band that I have no idea about.

Anyway, during that concert, Psycroptic played a new song from their as upcoming album (which they have released no information about yet) and I managed to grab a video of it with very good audio. So, without further ado, here’s the video from my own personal phone:


Personally I prefer the faster and crazier songs of Psycroptic, but this one was pretty good. It seems like the band wants to go a more slow, groovy direction because they played a lot of their groovier songs in that concert.

By the way, if you have absolutely no idea who Psycroptic are, let me school you, as they’re one of the best tech death bands around:


This one is “Initiate“, from 2008’s Ob(Servant), their latest album. It’s their only music video:


– NT


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