This Old Man Gloom fiasco, started a couple of months ago, is starting to pees me orf. I blame that talentless hack* Kurt Ballou entirely; he started, and then quashed the rumour that the band, for whom he produces, would be putting out their highly anticipated fifth studio album soon. These guys, somewhat under the radar for many, are a quality force in sludge metal – when they’re not busy with their primary bands – and so naturally I got excited at the prospect.

Well, The PRP have reported that buried somewhere in the recently released Hydrahead Records advert is a sneaky clue – the phrase “OMG 5 2012″ written on a book in the background – giving rise to the prospect of a new album next year.

I can’t actually see it myself, unless it’s the book between ‘Cave‘ and ‘In‘, but if you can spot it in the large version of the ad (here) then let us know.

Whilst you do so, listen to the opening track form the band’s last album. It’s fucking awesome and may possibly crush your balls/ovaries.


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