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Devin Townsend is clearly the MVP of the year, what with two brilliant records being released, each one getting five star reviews here at Heavy Blog. It’s always enlightening when the man speaks. The dude is so humble, yet he is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in metal right now. Devin’s a class act, that’s for sure.

So Devin gave a pretty in-depth interview with Metal Injection, and there’s a few tid-bits that really stand out and get me all kinds of excited. You really should watch the whole interview, but here’s an outline of the awesomeness that lies within, just in case anyone out there happens to be at work and can’t spare the seventeen minutes:

  • Rob cites Heavy Blog Is Heavy in reference to how I managed to make miracles happen between Devin and Greg Puciato on Twitter. Thanks again, Rob!
  • Devin’s previously mentioned upcoming record Epicloud will be “heavy pop music” and will probably feature Anneke Van Giersbergen. Sounds an awful lot like the premise to Addicted, doesn’t it? A continuation of that sound would be more than welcome. 
  • Another Ziltoid record is still planned, in case you were wondering.
  • If we give Devy $120k, he’ll grow his hair out again. Part of me hopes he doesn’t raise the money.
  • Strapping Young Lad still not going to happen. No surprises there, and frankly, I’m okay with it.

Excellent! Be sure to check out the full interview above and catch Devin supporting Children of Bodom if you still can!

– JR


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