It’s pretty safe to say that for a sizable portion of our writing staff, black metal is not really our forte here at Heavy Blog is Heavy.  I, especially, haven’t gotten into much black metal at all.  Besides bands like Alcest and Heretoir, I can’t name many more black metal bands that I enjoy right off hand.  Because of this, I’ve made a conscious effort to get into more black metal to become a more well-rounded metal listener.  One band that I have discovered in this journey is a DSBM (that’s Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, in case you aren’t familiar) band from New South Wales, Australia called Woods of Desolation.


I’m going to be honest here:  Woods of Desolation is the best black metal band of any variety I’ve ever heard.  Ever.  It’s true.  I discovered this band through the track “The Inevitable End“, and it’s without question one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.  It’s just so epic in it’s sound—so dense and lush, and it brings out a ton of emotions.

Their first few releases, which include two demos, two splits, an EP, and an album entitled Toward the Depths showed more black metal traits, using harsh production quality and a distressed sound, typical of DSBM.  However, their newest album that came out this February, entitled Torn Beyond Reason, is an absolute masterpiece of not only black metal, but music in general.  It’s beautiful in its production, arrangement, orchestration, and composition; I can’t stop listening to it. It also has very high-quality production values, which makes it more listenable.

Here are a couple more tracks off their new album that I consider standouts, though the whole record is, as mentioned before, a masterpiece:



– GR

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