I was pretty excited when post-metal legends ISIS announced they would be releasing a series of live album post-humously. I don’t normally go in for live recordings of songs I’ve already got/can just go see live if the urge and opportunity strikes me, but one of these – V, in particular – I’m very keen to hear, because it’s a recording of one of the first metal shows I ever attended (d’aww).

Plus, ISIS fucking SLAYED live.

The show in question was their performance of the seminal Oceanic in its entirety. I don’t normally go in for these either, but it’s such a good album that I was kind of spoiled for every similar show I’ve seen since. No filler, all good, all of the time. Support was also handled by Oxbow and Final, one of Justin K. Broadrick’s (ex-Napalm Death, JesuGodflesh) pseudonyms.

Anyway, my reason for all this babble is that guitarist/keyboardist Bryant Clifford Meyer recently spoke to Alt Press, giving a run-down of the tracks, regarding the show in question, the album, and their live performance in general. The jammy buggers have also landed an exclusive preview stream of the album, which I will most definitely be whacking on when I get home.

– CG

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