Yesterday, a 40+ minute interview with The Dillinger Escape Plan mastermind Ben Weinman (above) made its way around to other metal blogs like Metal Injection, Metalsucks, and The PRP. Naturally, as I’m a HUGE fan of Ben and Dillinger in general, I watched the whole thing. Ben touched on quite a few aspects on making it as a band, talking about his contract with Relapse, early touring, and more. It was 40-minutes well spent, and it was a very interesting interview, but he did touch on one subject that I was completely unaware of until now, and that was his involvement with dance pop cross dresser Jefree Star. For those of you who don’t have 40 minutes, here’s what Ben said:

“Right now, people are making money off of celebrity, not off of record sales. That’s something I learned very quickly. I managed, for a while, like a MySpace star… this guy Jefree Star. He’s kinda like a cross dresser… and he doesn’t have any talent, but he’s famous. In the two years that I was working with him, he was homeless working at the Mac makeup counter to now making six figures. We had no major label and we had no publicists; it was me, a booking agent, and him hustling on Myspace and hustling on the internet. He’s the biggest seller in Hot Topic. I made an EP on my laptop in like twenty minutes, it was just like dance/whatever beats. It was the number one dance record on iTunes over Justin Timberlake just by utilizing the internet and his fanbase who would just buy anything we told them to buy.”

Obviously, hearing this was pretty surprising. To think that the mastermind one of the most influential metal bands going strong today was somehow involved with horrid tripe like Jefree Star is mind-blowing. I went over to Wikipedia to check it out, and yes, Benjamin A. Weinman is credited as a writer for half of the songs on Jefree’s 2007 EP Plastic Surgery Slumber Party. In fact, he is credited as the sole writer of one track titled “Ice Cream.” What does it sound like? Listen after the jump, as I don’t want it on our front page. Tread lightly, as it could very well be the worst thing I’ve ever heard.


It’s kind of like finding out that Santa isn’t real, or that your favorite pet isn’t away at the farm at all, and instead in a shoebox in a shallow grave in the back yard. Alright, it’s not quite that bad. I’m sure Ben made quite a few bones off of whatever the fuck that was and put it into The Dillinger Escape Plan, so consider all forgiven and null. Even still, it’s fascinating, isn’t it?!

– JR

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