At face value, a band with a name like The Fierce and the Dead sound like they’d fit right in with the metal scene – or at least some sort of post-hardcore or metalcore band.


Following the 19-minute, one-track EP Part 1. in early 2010, London three-piece TFATD have just released their debut album, the most-excellent If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe, and it’s electronica-tinged instrumental post-rock all the way; a genre for which we have a palpable love around these parts.

British instrumental compatriots Mogwai spring to mind as the closest comparison, but it’s a little more upbeat much of the time,  bringing comparisons to bands like Modest Mouse too. Album closer ‘Andy Fox‘ is a brilliant piece of music, building with a measured drum pulse, rolling bassy atmospherics, and Mars Volta-esque jazzy sax sections to create a piece that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Clint Mansell or Hans Zimmer score.

The album displays marked variety and skill, and I’m super excited that they’re from London – I’ll definitely be checking them out live as soon as humanly possible!

– CG


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