That’s right you bunch of mouth-breathing, gorilla-faced window lickers; I’m back! For anyone who is interested, I went to one of the rainiest places in England and had six days of solid sunshine. Suck it.

Seems like I missed some good shit. We had sixty seconds of new Mastodon that got Jimmy a bit wet in the nether regions. Aliases got covered in some sort of green Hulk-jizz. Wolves In The Throne Room released some wordy bollocks about their new album, and we learned that we are all big fucking hipsters. Big surprise.

In my eagerness to go on my first holiday in four years, I neglected to announce the winners for the “No Place Like Home” competition from a couple of weeks ago. Fear not though; the votes are in, and we’ll be announcing them a bit later.

We also started a super-exciting competition last week to win two pairs of tickets, plus a lucky meet-and-greet for Slayer and Rob Zombie‘s show in Vancouver, Canada. So, you know. Get on that.

So here we go with another week. Got some good stuff for today; enjoy!

– CG



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