A few months back, I thought The Ocean opening for Between the Buried and Me was the best show I’d see this year. Metal Injection has just decided to provide evidence to the contrary, with BTBAM planning a headlining tour later this year that one-ups the last; BTBAM, Animals as Leaders, and Tesseract are rumored to roam North America this fall.

I’m expecting this to be true, because MetalSucks are pretty consistent with this rumored stuff and have some pretty good insider information, I’d expect. It’s also believable because whoever is booking BTBAM’s tours for them knows what’s up; in the last few years, they’ve toured with Cynic, Devin Townsend, In Flames, The Faceless, The Ocean, Animals as Leaders, Baroness, Mastodon, and many more big name bands. They always seem to be put on the best of tours, save for Cool Tour, but I feel that they’ve made up for that one tenfold. I digress, but the point is that their tours have been pretty consistent with lineup quality, and this is no different.

This nerd-friendly tour isn’t officially confirmed, but you can bet that we’re all over this. More info if and when it arrives.

– JR


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