Continuing our run of Basick-themed news for today, one of the label’s more recent signees 7 Horns 7 Eyes have just released this new teaser for their forthcoming album Throes of Absolution. Check it out:


It’s great to see something a bit different from Basick, who are known for their tech and djent acts; 7H7E are ensconced in prog, featuring some gnarly growling vocals, evil-sounding guitars and wicked solos, all packaged up with a pretty gnarly live show; indeed, we know that our monolothic brothers in heavy No Clean Singing have more than a small soft spot for them, and have seen them kill it more than once:

“This is music you can get lost in just as much as you can bang your head to it. It’s a creative blend of styles that works really well, and their live playing continues to be sharp as tacks. We’re hungry for the album they’ve got in the works.” [Islander]

Said album features a cameo from none other than ex-Nevermore Loominary Jeff Loomis (geddit?), and if you really can’t wait (no solid release date as of yet), you can grab the single ‘Convalescencefrom iTunes, which also features the tracks ‘Vindicator‘ and ‘The Winnowing‘! Cracking, Gromit.

– CG

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