Tisn’t often that a band comes a long that brings riffs so hard, delicious and succulent that the most die hard and the most casual metal listeners will cherish each second of each track of each release like it’s the drug they so very crave. But to our jo,  a new band out of Finalnd decided it’d be pretty cool to do that, so they did. Indeed, Cardinals Folly are a fairly recent doom band out of good ol’ Helsinki, Finland. They take on the sound of many traditional doom bands but have a bit of an edge on the rest of the scene.

This band’s ability to riff is something that should be yelled at random passerby’s as you run down the streets of your city spreading the word as a metal zealot should. Their perfectly crafted doomy tones consist of a thick and cutting sludgy guitar, a rumbling fuzzed out bass and drums to bludgeon the finest of faces. This doom crusher is composed of only 3 members: M. Karnstein on bass and vocals, Sebbath Lindberg on drums, and Mr. Eisenschwarz Rautio on guitar. The band’s library so far only consists of 2 EPs. Heretic’s Hangover, released in 2008 and Orthodox Faces released in 2009. But do not fear! No! For a new titan of an album is on it’s way. This new release will be a full length boldly titled Such Power is Dangerous! and will contain the 7 tracks:

1. The Hammer Speaks
2. Such Power is Dangerous!
3. Valkyries I Avenge
4. The Spear of Destiny
5. Antediluvian Dreams
6. Uncharted Seas
7. The Secret War

Prepare ye fiends, for this album will wreck your face (in the best way possible) when it is released in August of this year. Keep an eye out for a specific date and try not to die of anticipation. I’ll try, but no guarantees can be made on my end.




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